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Bulbophyllum romyi

Bulbophyllum romyi ('Philippine Wonder' AM/AOS x 'Purple Angel' FCC/AOS)

Bulbophyllum romyi is a relatively new species described in 2015 by Bill Thoms that originates from the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. This rare species produces relatively large purple to silver flowers with white and violet tassels on the dorsal and the petals. The sepals (the long part that hangs down) has a very rough - almost sandpapery texture. These do not produce a strong odor and if anything, produce a very faint smell of moss. These flowers can reach up to a foot long on some plants! Plants are flowering size in 3" pots.


The parents of this grex include Bulb. romyi 'Philippine Wonder' AM/AOS, the first ever awarded example of the species, and Bulb. romyi 'Purple Angel' FCC/AOS, the first ever FCC awarded to the species. These line bred plants should be larger and better presented than others of the species.

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