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The Apopka International Spring Orchid Festival will be Central Florida's largest orchid event of the year! Come see an explosion of orchid flowers and walk through the greenhouses full of our big mother plants. We have local vendors and vendors coming from Brazil, Japan, South Africa, California, Hawaii and more! This event has free admission to the public, so come enjoy the orchids and buy a plant or two or more on the way out! For more information - check out the event page here.

The vendors for this event include:

Afri Orchids (South Africa)
AWZ Orchids (Brazil)
Bello Tropicals (Florida)
Bredren Orchids (Florida)
Blue Ridge Orchids (North Carolina)
Blumen Insel (Japan)
Ching Hua Orchids (Taiwan)
Gold Country Orchids (California)
Green Barn Orchid Supplies (Florida)
Ingram's Better Orchid Books (Florida)
Mainshow Orchids (Taiwan)
Miranda Orchids (Florida)
OFE Ochids & Supplies (Florida)
Orchidabilia (Florida)
Orchid Eros (Hawaii)
Orchids365 (Florida)
Paph Paradise (California)
Popow Orchids (Germany)
Scented Diva Candles (Florida)
Sunset Valley Orchids (California)
Wilson Orchids (Taiwan)

The public is also invited to the American Orchid Society's Spring Auction being held in the same location as the festival on Friday, April 5th at 6:30 pm.

In addition to The Apopka International Spring Orchid Festival, Krull-Smith is also hosting The American Orchid Society's Spring Member's Meeting. This is a separate event from The Apopka International Spring Orchid Festival and will require a registration. For more information on registration, speakers, entertainment, or food, please visit the American Orchid Society's page here.

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The Apopka International Winter Orchid Festival

More information coming soon, see you Jan. 19th-21st, 2024!

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The Apopka International Spring Orchid Festival

The Apopka International Spring Orchid Festival will be on April 5th-7th, 2024! Click below for more information!


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