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Phalaenopsis Jordon Winter

Phalaenopsis Citrus Candy × Phalaenopsis Krull's Red Bird

These have been a long time coming! Phal. Jordon Winter first received an Award of Quality (AQ/AOS) from the American Orchid Society in 2018 for showing off wonderfully full and vibrantly colored red flowers. Here is a sib cross between two fantastic Phal. Jordon Winter siblings, Phal. Jordon Winter 'AQ Group' and Phal. Jordon Winter 'Ft. Lauderdale'. Phal. Jordon Winter 'AQ Group' is a wonderfully dark red, well formed, and fragrant cultivar with excellent branching on the inflorescence to give you as high of a flower count as possible! Phal. Jordon Winter 'Ft. Lauderdale' comes with some of the largest and fullest flowers of the grex and a sweeter fragrance than the other sibling. We hope to see branching inflorescences with large, dark red, fragrant flowers on compact growing plants that often show off a red blush in the leaves. Plants are near flowering size in 3" pots. These are currently only available through the Phalaenopsis 4-Pack. If we still have plants remaining after that sale is over, they will be added to the website.
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