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Vanda Grove's Dream (White) x Vanda lombokensis (Dug Ups)

Vanda Grove's Dream 'White' x Vanda lombokensis 'KS #11'

This is going to be a fun hybrid! Vanda Grove's Dream is a great compact grower with heavy Vanda coerulea influence, with this clone in particular having snow white flowers with a blush of pink on the lip. Vanda lombokensis is a relatively new species to cultivation with highly fragrant, spotted flowers. The hybrid between these two should give us a wide range of interesting results that could range from large white flowers with spots, white flowers with violet spotting and tessellations, blue flowers with spots, or any other number colors coming up from the parents of Vanda Grove's Dream. These plants are dug ups from plug trays (click link for approximate size).
Price: $12.50
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SKU:  KS-V139

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