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Dendrobium lasianthera ('Krull-Smith' FCC/AOS x 'Krull's Twisted Sister' AM/AOS)

Dendrobium lasianthera is a fantastic species from New Guinea that can put up cones of beautifully vibrant flowers with over thirty flowers per inflorescence! Surprisingly enough, this species has a delicate fragrance that gets stronger in high light and high temperatures. Dendrobium lasianthera flowers can last up to three months, and they can flower from Spring through Fall! Our plants at the nursery are in bloom for 3/4 of the year. Dendrobium lasianthera has a large variety of color forms that vary depending on where in Borneo they come from. Plants are near flowering size/flowering size in 3" pots.

This is a cross of Dendrobium lasianthera 'Krull-Smith' FCC/AOS and Dendrobium lasianthera 'Krull's Twisted Sister' AM/AOS.  We hope to see some seedlings with the massive lip from the 'Krull-Smith' parent along with darker colors brought in by the 'Krull's Twisted Sister' parent. Den. lasianthera 'Krull-Smith' FCC/AOS won the Benjamin Kodama award for the best Dendrobium awarded in the world by the AOS that year.

We have had a lot of emails and phone calls asking about if we had any more of these plants and after getting the plants together for shipping and setting those aside, we have pulled together the smaller plants that we had originally planned to hold on to so we can offer them to you. See the picture here for an example on the size of the plants in question. These should all bloom within the next few canes.

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